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Quality of Paints:

JAIKAML Paints manufacturers are very careful to produce high quality paints. They normally use different quality control measures. All the ingredients and the paint manufacturing process are put through very rigorous standard tests and the finished product is once again checked for the quality.


Quality Parameters

The paint is inspected for its

  1. Density
  2. Dispersion
  3. Viscosity
  4. Fineness of grind

Then the paint is applied to test the drying time and the texture.

The Quality Assurance Tests

An experienced person checks the color to decide if the desired shade matches the decided standard. Some part of the paint is exposed to the arc light for some time and then it is compared to the non exposed part to decide the resistance of the color to the natural elements. Then paint is applied over black and white surface. It is done to measure the paint’s hiding quality. 0.98 is considered high-quality paint so the black and white surface ratio is compared with 0.98. The gloss is measured by the amount of light is reflected off a painted surface.


As paint has more functional qualities, different tests are performed. Most important is the scratch test. A piece of tape is applied on the painted surface and then pulled off. Good paint will not come off. A machine is used to determine the scrubbability. The machine uses soapy brush and rubs the painted surface.


Another measure to see the good paint is rate settling. Good quality paint can sit for six months with no settling. So the number given to the paint is 10. Poor paint can settle faster and is rated accordingly. Paints are checked for its fire retardancy by actually burning the paint. Then the weight loss is determined. If the loss is more than 10% then the paint is not fire resistant.


The top quality paints are manufactured so it

  • Sticks better so it is less likely to peel or flake
  • Its chalk resistance is better so the chosen color looks the same
  • It resists dirt so the paint looks fresh for long time
  • It’s mildew resistance is better so the brown or black blotches do not mar the paint


We can offer in a short notice any quantity in Polyurethane, Epoxy, Chlorub, Stoving Paint, with RAL, Pantone, IS or customer specification/choice of colours.  Our Technical Team is readily available for any technical  disucssion